Five Reborn and FiveM Custom Mod installation

This article will show you how to install custom mods.

Note: We are not responsible for third party mods/applications if they break/do not work.
We are simply providing the links and are not the developer so our support is limited.
Kindly consult original developers for support.

1. Access the game Control Panel

2. Stop your server and go to File Manager

3. Go to folder /resources/

4. Once there make a new folder, name it whatever you want.

e.g. /resources/mod_name

5. Create a new file in here called:


6. Leave this file blank, it tells the server these are files to download.

7. Next, create a new folder called:


8. All Mod files go in here.

9. On your root folder locate server.cfg and edit it. This can also be accessed in the Configuration Files page.

10 . Look for # Mods\Resources can be added here:

11. Add your mod's start command with the format:

start mod_name

12. Save the file and start your server. 

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