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Setting your password

  1. Head to your Configuration Files section of your panel.

  2. Now select the Text Editor button for the file 

  3. Navigate to the line Password

  4. Here you will see your current server password that you should have set when you purchased the server. If you did not set a password then please change it now

Making yourself admin in-game

  1. First, connect to your server through the in-game menu or the button on your panel

  2. Once in-game, open your chat by clicking 

  3. Now enter the following command;

    /admin_logon YOURPASSWORD

  4. You should then receive a message telling you that you are now logged in as admin

What commands can I run? 

The following commands should be available too you; 

  • /admin_login "password you set in game.ini"
  • /admin_update "new_password"
  • /server_kick "player" "reason"
  • /ban "player" "reason"
  • /admin_delete "player"
  • /fly
  • /flightspeed "number"
  • /teleport "latitude" "longitude"
  • /settime "time of day"
  • /givexp "amount"
  • /giveitem "item name" "amount"


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